Al Ain IT Consultants do provide IV&V services. IV&V stands for Independent Verification & Validation, a process that verifies whether the output of each software phase meets its requirements, and validates  the software, at the end of the development effort, meets the overall project objectives.


In our IV&V service, there are 4 major operations, which are:

Each operation mentioned are crucial in our IV&V service.

Strategic Review

Strategic reviews: 

Review project plans and schedules (ie, development, test, management) to ensure that they are effective and are being followed


Requirements Tracing

Requirements tracing: 

Review requirements coverage to ensure that contractual requirements are being carried through to implementation and testing.

Document and process reviews: 

Review technical documentation to ensure completeness and appropriateness of design and test documentation and conformance with applicable standards.


Risk Management

Risk management: 

Review project processes and artefacts to identify risks and ensure that effective risk management is occurring.

Acquisition assistance: 

Develop acquisition risk management plans, provide subject matter expertise in design, development and test product evaluations, review test readiness data, and develop and run independent product tests.


Specialized QA Offerings

Software strategy and product evaluation (Technical due diligence): 

Provide independent assessment of claims being made about development capability and/or products under development.

Ultimately, IV&V is performed with the aim of

  • Ensuring project deliverables are reviewed with relevant stakeholders.

  • Escalate and highlight potential risk that may affect the project outcome.

  • Verify the compliance of the committed project deliverables for the project.

  • Recommend project releases from an independent perspective for Acceptance Test phases.