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Managed Testing Services

Al Ain IT Consultants is a pure QA and Testing consultancy service firm that not just only provide Quality Assurance (QA) services, but also at the same time, providing website and mobile application testing services. Many of our clients do not see us as just "QA & Testing Consultancy Firm", but rather, as their Trusted QA and Testing Advisory. 

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Since we are selling our QA and Testing advisory services, our approaches in determining the quality of a project is always objective and neutral. The approach that we took is the reason why our clients always prioritize us when it comes to QA and Testing advisory services.

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Our QA and Testing advisory services are built on extensive consulting expertise and technological capabilities helping clients identify, plan and implement innovative QA and testing solutions. As our QA process assessment and improvement services are mostly highly customized, it would clearly chart out areas of improvement in a project, thus helping our clients to achieve a higher level of test maturity. With that, it enhances our client's go-to-market abilities.

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Through our QA and testing services, your company will, but not limited to:

  • Have 25 % better quality code, resulting in cost saving of at least 30% in year one.

  • Increase levels of automated regression by 30% every year.

  • Improved Defect Recovery Efficiency (DRE) - proven detection rates greater than 98.91%, 2 % higher than industry, thus best in class.

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