Managed QA Services and QA Center of Excellence

Our QA Centers of Excellence governs how testing organizations engage and deliver highly efficient testing solutions for enterprises.

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Mobile Quality Assurance

Our mobility QA expertise spans functional QA, performance QA, compatibility QA, security QA, usability QA and interoperability QA.

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Automation and Functional Test

Our software QA services focus on validating business solutions. We aim to achieve comprehensive testing coverage to meet customer requirements with automation in our test strategy.

We have a track record in providing functional testing to clients in retail, IT, telecom, e-commerce, e-learning, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, travel, technology, and other sectors.Our robust approach and personalized test plans help to ensure all prerequisites are met according to the application as expected. We use a variety of licensed and open source ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) tools, to meet customer requirements. 


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Non Functional - Performance and Security Test

We have host of services for non functional test to ensure that your implementations are robust and stable 

  • Load tests

  • Stress tests

  • Capacity tests

  • Endurance tests

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